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Do you have doubts about which luminaire you need?

With our questionnaire we guide you based on budget, space, production and many more factors.

Design your grow space to suit you

We have both equipment for small spaces and large areas. It does not matter what shape they are or where it is located: We have the perfect formula for your crops to grow without problems thanks to our variety of luminaires.


TGL STAR 60 Classic is designed to illuminate a small space of up to 60 x 60 cm from seed to harvest thanks to its full spectrum of 3500º K.



Now, with this more powerful model, you can cultivate up to 140 x 70 thanks to the new MeanWell XLG M-ABOL driver and its 255 W of power.



The new TGL Thunder stands out for combining chips of different spectra

450 €

HLG 135

One of our best-selling models. Its R-Spec spectrum makes it excellent for full cycle reinforcing flowering with Deep Red.

205,00 €

TGL Hadouken Limited Edition 480 W

480 W of power to cover up to 150 x 150 cm and a 3500º K multispectrum with Deep Red at 660 nm and a final hadouken of IR at 730 nm and UV at 395 nm.

750,00 €

Unique Design

100% original components and own manufacture

Two year warranty

Our quality tests guarantee the reliability of all our products.

Maximum production

Up to 40% higher than sodium lamps or other LED systems

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