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TGL 220 White

6500 K 260 W 140x70
Espectrum Consumption Area

New TGL 220 White. For the veg phase of the largest grow tents.

This luminaire has a 6500º K CREE 3070 chip, a spectrum of white light with highly saturated blues and very little red, which enhances the first phases of cultivation to quickly achieve compact plants, without stretching and with a short distance between nodes.

Perfect for clones, cuttings, mother maintenance.

You can illuminate up to 140 x 70 cm with a single luminaire. If what you want is to use your TGL 220 Evolution in smaller spaces or with better electricity consumption, we have added as an extra an external dimmer that you can easily install in your luminaire, which will allow you to regulate the power according to the needs of your crop with a maximum of 260w. This addition makes the new 220 Evolution super versatile equipment that adapts to different crop sizes and consumption.

Includes built-in Sunon fans, which help keep the closet cool and move the air inside.

Price €296.69