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Todogrowled masks

In compliance with the stipulations of the 0065: 2020 standard, Todogrowled's reusable hygienic mask has a preventive use. With it we avoid contaminating the mouth and nose and it also serves to avoid the inhalation of external agents.

Washing cycles: 36 (It can be put in the washing machine at 60º)

Bacterial filtration efficiency: 92.5 + 2.98

Breathability: 55

Material: 2 mm thick neoprene foamed interior.

For disinfection, wash with any type of disinfectant or with soap and water. It can also be disinfected by steaming with the iron.

It is not a personal protective equipment PPE, nor is it a PS medical device.

Classified as a hygienic mask according to UNE 0064 and UNE 0065 specifications. Test carried out by AITEX and ITEL laboratories according to EN 14863: 2019 + AC 2019

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