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More than 200 W

More than 200 W

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TGL 220 Plus Evolution

3500º K 370 g 255 W 140 x 70

The new Evolution series is the improved version of the usual TGL 220.

New Evolution Series features:

  • - New MeanWell XLG driver (up to 260w)
  • - Larger growing area (up to 140 x 70)
  • - With external dimmer included

The improved version of TGL 220 Classic. Its main difference lies in the chip with which it is equipped: The CREE Cxb 3590, which is 10% more efficient than the Cree 3070 of the TGL 220 Classic: It produces a little more and consumes a little less. The TGL 220 Plus offers you 4 integrated light points that will allow you to illuminate elongated spaces with a single luminaire from seed to harvest with greater efficiency than the TGL 220 Classic. With 2 units you can illuminate in the most efficient way a space from 1.20 x 1.20 cm to 1.40 x 1.40

If you want to illuminate large spaces with the highest efficiency and at the best price, TGL 220 PLUS Evolution is your luminaire.

Which TGL 220 Evolution is best for me?

Price €238.84


  • Throw a Hadouken on your plants thanks to the Infrared and Ultraviolet booster that you have been asking for a long time!
  • Activate this special attack for the last phase of flowering (last 10/15 days of the crop), you will achieve spectacular production and resin results.
  • 480 w of power to cover up to 150x150 cm and a 3500ºK multispectrum with Deep Red at 660 nm and a final hadouken of IR at 730 nm and UV at 395 nm.
  • Edition limited to a few units, do not miss yours!
Price €528.10
  • Out of stock

TGL 220 Evolution

Our best-selling model. The TGL 220 Evolution, with its 255W of power, will allow you to illuminate elongated spaces (120 x 60 cm or 140 x 70 cm) with a single luminaire from seed to harvest. With 2 units you can illuminate a space of up to 1.40 x 1.40 in the most efficient way.

The 4 COB LED light points offer a super efficient light dispersion in addition to a great light penetration that allows to achieve buds even in the lowest parts of the plant and a very short internodal distance.

They also have 2 built-in Sunon fans, which help keep the closet cool and move the air inside.

You can choose between the Classic 3500ºK spectrum version (full cycle), the Citizen 3000ºK version (full cycle with enhanced flowering), the Citizen 4000ºK version (full cycle with improved growth) and the White 6500ºK version (only for growth).

If you want to illuminate large spaces with the best quality / price ratio, TGL 220 Evolution is your luminaire.

Which TGL 220 Evolution is best for me?

Price €214.05



TGL STAR 60 is designed to illuminate a small space of up to 60 x 60 cm with a single luminaire, or larger spaces by combining several luminaires. For example, with 4X TGL STAR 60 you could illuminate 1m² with 4 independent light points.

If you have a small 100 x 100 tent and you want to achieve high production with lower power consumption, this pack of 4X TGL STAR 60 is your luminaire. 

Price €239.67


NOW 330 W ⚡

The new TGL THUNDER stands out for combining chips of different spectra: Each of the 4 bars is equipped with:

⚡144 Samsung LM301B 3500º K diodes that guarantee a spectrum for full cycle, reinforced with:

⚡72 Samsung LM301B 6500º K diodes, whiter led that provides a blue peak that will enhance the vegetative phase,

⚡8 Osram Oslon 660 nm diodes, far red LED that stimulates the flowering of the plant.

This combination makes the TGL THUNDER an excellent fixture from seed to harvest. It also has an adjustable dimmer to modify the power according to the needs of your garden. You can connect multiple luminaires in a chain and with a single external dimmer (not included, only available on request) control the power of several units.

Price €379.34