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TGL STAR 60 Citizen 3K or 4K

3 K/ 4 K75 g55 W60 x 60

TGL STAR 60 CITIZEN is designed to illuminate a small space during a complete cycle, enhancing a specific phase of the crop.

Unlike the TGL STAR 60 Classic, this Citizen version offers you 2 more specific options (both being equally for full cycle): The 3000º K spectrum offers very few blues and a peak in reds at 660nm that enhances flowering. The 4000º K spectrum offers a large amount of blues that enhance the vegetative phase.

Equipped with a Citizen CLU48 CRI97 COB LED, its great light penetration allows to get buds even in the lowest parts of the plant and a very short internodal distance.

Combine several units in larger spaces, for example, with 4 TGL STAR 60 Citizen you could illuminate 1m² with 4 independent light points, adjustable in distance and height depending on the needs of your crop and your space.

Price €90.08

TGL 220 Citizen Evolution

3000º K
4000º K
290 g 217 W 120 x 60

The new Evolution series is the improved version of the usual TGL 220.

New Evolution Series features:

  • - New MeanWell XLG driver (up to 260w)
  • - Larger growing area (up to 140 x 70)
  • - With external dimmer included

Unlike the TGL 220 Classic, equipped with CREE LEDs with 3500º K spectrum for full cycle, TGL 220 Citizen offers you two more specific options (also both for full cycle):

- The 3000º K spectrum has very few blues and a peak in reds at 660nm that enhances flowering

- The 4000º K spectrum has a large amount of blues that improves the vegetative phase.

If you want to illuminate large spaces during the complete cycle that enhances a specific phase of the crop, TGL 220 Citizen is your luminaire.

Which TGL 220 Evolution is best for me?

Price €296.69