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A long, long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away….

Were you one of the first to trust Todogrowled? Back in 2014 or 15? In that case, you will have enjoyed the most efficient lighting with the lowest electrical consumption for about 5 years but ... nothing lasts forever and, although the useful life of our TGL is around 50,000 hours, if you have squeezed them well, from then on it should start to lose efficiency due to the logical wear and tear of its use.

If your TGLs are around 5 years old or older, you may start to notice some of those wear and tear symptoms. But you are in luck. At Todogrowled we like to take care of our clients, and even more so if you are one of those who trusted us when we were still growing, and that is why we bring you this RENOVE PLAN, so that you can continue to enjoy your TGL at maximum performance for another many years.

How does it work?

Send us some photos of your old equipment and a brief description of what you would be interested in changing: Do the diodes perform less? Have you lost power? Or do you just want to update your luminaire and continue using it with the latest generation components?

We will study your case and offer you a personalized quote with the best quality / price offer for you.

We can replace and renew components or we can collect your old lights and offer you new ones at a special price!

Write to us at and tell us about your case. We will make sure your TGLs can continue to grow optimally for a long, long time.