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HLG Scorpion Rspec is designed for crops with low roof heights or for vertical racks. HLG Scorpion Rspec uses 6 x QB288 Quantum Boards for even light distribution just 12 inches from the crop. This is a very efficient full spectrum horticulture lamp with an efficiency of 2.62 PPF / W

The QB288 boards use Samsung's latest LM301H and Deep Red LED 660nm. This unit is dimmable, with an output power of 60 to 600 watts.


Designed for low ceiling heights or vertical racks

High Efficiency Full Spectrum Grow Lamp

660nm Red Full Spectrum White Led

Designed for passive dissipation

Optimal distribution of light throughout the crop

Includes adjustable power supply

Inventronics auto-sensing power supply operates on both 120 VAC and 240 VAC and 277 VAC

3 year warranty

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  • Veg area: 180 x 180
  • Flowering area: 150 x 150
  • Consumption: 60-600 W
  • Spectrum: Full spectrum and 660 nm Red
  •  Suitable for: Full cycle. Enhanced flowering
  • Efficiency: 2,62 µmol / J

  • Components: Samsung,  Inventronic.
  • LED: 6 x Placa QB288 V2 Samsung LM301H & Deep Red en 660 nm.
  • Power source: Inventronic
  • Dissipation: Pasive, no fans needed
  • UE Plug : Yes


  • Hangers: Yes
  • Screws: Yes

  • Dimensions: 98 x 91,5 x 7 cm.
  • Plug&Play: Yes
  • Dimmable: Yes
  • Warranty: 3 years


Deep Red 660 nm

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