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TGL 220 Evolution


Our best-selling model. The TGL 220 Evolution, with its 255W of power, will allow you to illuminate elongated spaces (120 x 60 cm or 140 x 70 cm) with a single luminaire from seed to harvest. With 2 units you can illuminate a space of up to 1.40 x 1.40 in the most efficient way.

The 4 COB LED light points offer a super efficient light dispersion in addition to a great light penetration that allows to achieve buds even in the lowest parts of the plant and a very short internodal distance.

They also have 2 built-in Sunon fans, which help keep the closet cool and move the air inside.

You can choose between the Classic 3500ºK spectrum version (full cycle), the Citizen 3000ºK version (full cycle with enhanced flowering), the Citizen 4000ºK version (full cycle with improved growth) and the White 6500ºK version (only for growth).

If you want to illuminate large spaces with the best quality / price ratio, TGL 220 Evolution is your luminaire.

Which TGL 220 Evolution is best for me?

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· Veg area: 140 × 70 cm
· Flowering area: 120 × 60 cm
· Consumption: 255 W
· Spectrum: 3000º K (Citizen 3K) 3500º K (Classic), 4000º K (Citizen 4K) & 6500º K (White)
· Suitable for: Full cycle, veg and flowering depending on the spectrum
· Average production: 290 g
· Optimal production: 340 g
· Efficiency: 2,5 µmol / J
· Size: 80 cm (depth) x 10 cm (width) x 8 cm (height)
· Weight: 3,3 kg
· Plug & Play: Yes
· Dimmable: Yes


· LED type: COB Cree Cxb 3070 or COB Cree Cxb 3070
· Power Source: Driver MeanWell HLG 185H C1400A
· Dissipation: 2 × Sunon fans
· EU Plug


· Hangers: Yes
· Screws: -
· Warranty: 2 years


The new Evolution series is the updated version of the TGL 220.

Now, with this more powerful model, you can cultivate up to 140 x 70 thanks to the new MeanWell XLG M-ABOL driver and its 255 W of power.

If what you want is to use your TGL 220 Evolution in smaller spaces or with better electricity consumption, we have added an external dimmer  which allows you to regulate the power according to the needs of your crop.

This addition makes the new 220 Evolution super versatile equipment that adapts to different sizes of cultivation and consumption.

  • For 120 x 60 cm or 140 x 70 with 1 single luminaire from seed to harvest.
  • With 2 units you can illuminate in the most efficient way a space of 120 x 120 cm or 140 x 140.

Crop sizes

120 × 60 cm

255 W

100 × 100 cm

510 W    

120 × 120 cm

510 W 

240 × 240 cm

2.040 W 

Average production
Optimal production


3000ºK | Citizen 3K

This Citizen version with a 3000º K spectrum is suitable for a full cycle but enhances flowering. It has very few blues and a peak in the reds at 660 nm that enhances flowering.

COB Citizen CLU48 CRI97

  • Full cycle
  • Enhanced Flowering

3500ºK | Classic

Full spectrum 3500º K, for a homogeneous growth and flowering, enhances both phases of the crop.

COB Cree Cxb 3070

  • Full cycle

4000ºK | Citizen 4K

This Citizen version with a 4000º K spectrum is suitable for a complete cycle but improves the vegetative phase. It has a large amount of blues that enhance the growth of the plant.

COB Citizen CLU48 CRI97

  • Full cycle
  • Enhanced veg

6500ºK | White

Specific spectrum for vegetative phase: growth, clones, cuttings and mother maintenance: white light with highly saturated blues and very little red. to achieve compact plants, without stretching and with a short distance between nodes.

COB Cree Cxb 3070

  • Only veg
  • 3000º K | Citizen 3K
  • 3500º K | Classic
  • 4000º K | Citizen 4K
  • 6500º K | White


Distances cheat sheet

First Days





Distances cheat sheet

First days (70 cm)

Veg (60 cm)

Pre-Flowering (50 cm)

Flowering (30 cm)

Final (20 cm)

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