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TGL STAR 60 Citizen 3K or 4K

3 K/ 4 K 75 g 55 W 60 x 60

TGL STAR 60 CITIZEN is designed to illuminate a small space during a complete cycle, enhancing a specific phase of the crop.

Unlike the TGL STAR 60 Classic, this Citizen version offers you 2 more specific options (both being equally for full cycle): The 3000º K spectrum offers very few blues and a peak in reds at 660nm that enhances flowering. The 4000º K spectrum offers a large amount of blues that enhance the vegetative phase.

Equipped with a Citizen CLU48 CRI97 COB LED, its great light penetration allows to get buds even in the lowest parts of the plant and a very short internodal distance.

Combine several units in larger spaces, for example, with 4 TGL STAR 60 Citizen you could illuminate 1m² with 4 independent light points, adjustable in distance and height depending on the needs of your crop and your space.

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Vista lateral TGL STAR 60


· Veg area: 60 × 60 cm
· Flowering area: 50 x 50 cm
· Consumption: 55 W
· Spectrum: 4000º or 3000º K
· Suitable for: Full cycle, veg and flowering
· Average production: 75 g
· Optimal production: 100 g
· Efficiency: 2,3 µmol / J

· Size: 16 cm (high) × 13 cm (diameter)
· Weight: 2,1 kg
· Plug & Play: Yes
· Dimmable: Yes
Vista frontal TGL STAR 60


· LED type: COB Citizen CLU48 CRI97
· Power Source: Driver MeanWell HBG-6-1400A
· Dissipation: Passive dissipation, no fan needed
· EU Plug


· Hangers: No
· Screws: -
· Warranty: 2 years


3000 K

* 3500 K

4000 K

6500 K

Distances sheet

First days





Different combinations for each size of tent

60 × 60 cm

55 WCombinación de lámparas TGL 60 para 60 x 60 centímetros

80 × 80 cm

110 W    Combinación de lámparas TGL 60 para 60 x 60 centímetros

100 × 100 cm

220 W 

275 W 

 Average production: 75 g 

 Optimal production 100 g

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